I some how find that the older we get, the faster life comes passing by. Like hello, I just said “It’s summer” & that’s followed by a quick “Happy New year!” Gee wiz… well truth is, time does speed up and that’s exactly how I felt once I braced myself that I was going to be a first time mom. Was I nervous? YES. Was I scared? YES. Had I thought I’d be anywhere near parenthood this soon? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Regardless of all the emotions I was going through in my head and literally in my body, it was just the time for me to enter into this chapter and may I say wow! Double wow!

Motherhood is such a gift, it’s almost hard to think that a little person is growing inside you kicking ¬†and eating your left overs. A heart inside your stomach, beating. It’s so many things I could go on forever but the point of it all is that I’ve never been happier, I’ve also never been this exhausted but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It truly is an amazing experience and month by month I discover more and more about myself, about my son & about how I am raising a child and keeping a relationship burning and everything else in between.

As I blog different aspects of motherhood from a first timer point of view. I hope you find comfort in my words and read somethings you can relate to.

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