“I had an epidural.” … And!!!!

How many times have you come across women who have given birth just say “I had an epidural” … ok great! I heard it so many times I thought, how bad can it be? I’m just going to tell my doctor I want one and everything will be A-OK right? W R O N G.

First and foremost (with an angry face on me right now just thinking about it) thank you for lying ladies. I appreciate it. In the quick mention of “I had an epidural” THEY ALL FAIL TO TELL YOU THE SMALL PRINT.

1. It hurts like hell.

2. The needle is way bigger than anyone showing you with their two fingers.

3. You have to sit or rather squat sit in the most uncomfortable position.

4. If you move an inch the whole process can get ruined (which is what happened to me)

5. Goodbye to every feeling in your legs and waist. (Now some of you might say well duh! That’s what an epidural is … eermmmm no, you have to mentally seriously prepare your mind for it because your legs go from your regular in motion movements to two sacks of wet heavy meat) – I had a panick attack, my heart rate skyrocketed because I was definitely not prepared.

6. There is NO guarantee that it’s going to work. Once again from my personal experience, I had that issue because of the slight jerking movement I did while they were inserting the needle my epidural kept on wearing off and let me tell you it was not fun at all ladies. Mine literally failed me and well, I had to push the natural way. Kudos to all the women who make that decision from the start, you are all brave. hearts.

Giving birth is no small task (SO BRAVO to all of us) it’s like pushing a house in a few breaths or hours of breaths depending how much pressure you put on yourself. I now understand why some women take a break after their first because just remembering all the pain is traumatizing although once you hear that little baby cry you forget the pain and that’s the blessing at the end of the tunnel.

Just remember, the next time you hear a woman say “I had an epidural” Just know there’s a lot more work and a lot more pain that comes with that saying.

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