1. I love my mom because I know what she smells like.
2. I love my mom because she feeds me.
3. I love my mom because she changes me.
4. Sorry mom, I know you just changed my diaper but I’ve just pooped a really big one.
5. I am going to pick things up and drop them every time you hand it to me.
6. (Unless lucky) I know you take care of me mom but I will most likely be saying “Da da” first.
7. You told me not to go there and touch that! I’m going there and definitely touching that.
8. I will put everything in my teeny tiny mouth because I can mom.
9. I know you’re trying to pull me away from an electric cord because you love me mom and dad but I’m going to cry in your face like you’re mean parents.
10. Thank you mom for making me a fresh bottle of formula but all I want is breastmilk.
11. I know you just fed me but I’m still hungry for whatever you’re having mom.
12. Mommy and Daddy think they are going to have a wonderful sleep, little do they know I’m about to cry for most hours of the night
13. I know you just put on your clothes but I’m about ruin it with spit up in 30 min.

I know this list will get longer and funnier so I’ll definitely have a part two in a few months.

What are some of your own baby logic thoughts? Feel free to let me know and you could be featured on the blog.

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