Educational or Not acceptable?


Today I wanted to talk about television and children. Times have changed from when I grew up. I used to play outside every other day, play in the sun, get muddy, ride my bike – the list is endless. Nowadays it seems like most children are on their phones or watching tv or something that involves technology. I believe as a parent, you need to be very strict when it comes to playtime. Not strict in the mean sense but enforcing them that outside time is a MUST. Playing outside can shape who you are and we have outdoors for a reason. I know as my son gets older, everything I did… I want him to do with a close watchful eye of course. Some parents might say “Yes” it’s a safety issue and I completely understand because we life an loony bin society so protecting our children is a priority but even if, let them still play and have fun.

Going back to the babies I believe that outside is always necessary because they are hearing new sounds and seeing new things whether animals or insects or hearing the birds, cars or airplanes etc, all of this is new learning so it’s great to take them out for weekly if not daily strolls and even just to smell the fresh air.
When the babies are indoors, playtime is also important especially playing with them because they are learning from us parents every day. If my son is on the floor and I get down and crawl with him he starts laughing and smiling and crawling right behind me because I’m doing something he knows how to do.

On other occasions aka every single morning after he’s done his little stretch and is ready for action, I do let him watch his personal favorite television show on Netflix called “Word party” I have no issue with him watching this program because it’s designed for children, it’s colorful  & exciting and most importantly, it is educational. I believe that if our children are watching something they can really learn from then it’s acceptable.

“Word party” is all about teaching children about shapes,colors,feelings,nature/body parts and so much more, it’s fantastic. This is the type of show I feel you can learn from and in a fun way too. The music is good and it even teaches our little ones to say please and thank you, No, yes, you’re welcome, excuse me and some other necessary words that’s a polite child should use. The earlier you start the better. Jaden might now understand word for word what is being said but he definitely watches the movements and he even recognizes the character voices. When it’s talking time and if he’s still into word party, I don’t doubt that he’ll learn so much. As I mentioned above, this is apart of his morning routine and not an ALL day thing therefore I agree with it.

To me what is unacceptable is children being put in front of a television all day long watching nonsense!! Non educational, not child friendly, just all sorts. That’s a NO! Mommies and daddies. Don’t corrupt your child with something that has no growth value to it. Some of you might say what do they know what they are watching but again it’s the visuals! Let them only have cheerful and learning memories and nothing that they’ll use against you later or even worse as they get older you catch them watching something that they shouldn’t have been & when you ask “Why are you watching that” with an angry face they don’t say “because you let me watch it before.” Then you’ll have your mind racing and thinking hmmm when was this. You’ll be surprised what our little ones can pick up and to be completely honest, if I take myself as an example although I had a wonderful playful childhood there were definitely some movies and programs I shouldn’t have been watching at my small age and when I think of it I’m like that was so inappropriate for my age.

EVERYTHING starts at a young age. So be mindful of what you watch, when you watch it and if your child is in the room make it about them and not you. There’s always a time and a place for everything and that’s just a common lesson in life. Make sure outsides activities are demanded. Explore the Forrest, swimming, running, embracing nature, traveling, going to the zoo. The list is endless. Our babies will only be “baby” so long, we all grow up and they will too so make the most of it.


How do you feel about television, do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know

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