Here we go!!! (weaning)

I finally made the decision that it’s time to get my toddler off the breasts! I’m ready and he has no choice but to be ready. Today is Tuesday June 6th 2017 and so far he’s done well. He woke up next to his grandmother and she said he slept perfectly. When he did wake up looking for his milk, she gave him water and he went right back to sleep. I was so pleased to hear about that.

He’s already tried to pull my shirt and tug me down but I’ve held my own! He’s attempted to whine at me but I’ve just said “NO!”

My fear with weaning off my son was because I didn’t know if he’ll take his Aptamil anymore or even cow milk. He hasn’t been drinking it because he’s breastfeeding but I’ve made two bottles and he’s drank the first one so that’s a good sign.

Wish me good luck Mom’s – it’s soooo hard and my breasts are quite sore also but it’s normal. In a few days I will have passed this test, I hope and all is done and dusted (till the next one lol)

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