Yay!! Christmas is coming… Toys product review

I hear the sleigh bells ringing because Santa is coming to town. ‘Tis the season.

Here are a list of recommended toys that Jaden has enjoyed very much.

1. Jumperoo ($105) by Fisher price. This product is standing bouncer that is very easy to put together. It’s great because children love excitement, noise & color all in one. The more they jump. The more noise it makes and they really get into. The one Jaden has is a jungle theme with even some birds “flying” above his head. I remember when he couldn’t reach anything but now that he’s grown they are definitely at a friendly reach. The Jumperoo is also great because as the child grows, it adjust along with it.

2. Baby Einstein discover and play piano ($15.39) Whether you’re new to the baby Einstein collection or not, it’s fantastic. Most of the music that is played from the toys is classical and it’s actually not irritating like some toys. The baby piano is a toy that amuses the child as they tap down on the 6 keys. Music will play and you can also change the noises to a piano, trumpet or violin as well as a dog, cat and duck (don’t ask me why a duck) lol … another great thing about this baby piano is its changes languages to Spanish, French and English. For the future this will actually because a great learning tool especially if you’re all for a multilingual child.

3. Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical. ($17.99) Simple to use, volume adjust and it’s shaped like a cute turtle which Jaden from what I see loved. What’s great about this toy is your child can be the conductor on their own, with each press an instrument sound will go off until the whole song is composed and you hear the whole tune, pretty neat. My favorite is the “Carmen” piece. There is also an option to hear the tune without the child conducting but that’s not as fun. If your baby is music lover they’ll enjoy this colorful none water turtle (Do not put in bathtub)

4. Baby Einstein Take along tunes ($7.91) very cheap, simple to use. Classical music. The only thing I don’t like is I wish there was a longer selection of tunes. I also would only recommend this for 3-6 month olds. Once your baby can start picking up and throwing, this item will go flying so keep that in mind, it’s extremely light.

5. V-Tech Sit to stand learning walker ($29.99) after the jumperoo this is one of my favorite toys that Jaden has gotten because it’s full of learning and music. The device sings to you once you turn it on and it gives the children good interaction every time they press something, even when you spin the cogs it makes noise or close the window/door etc. At the time that I got this for my son he was only a sitter and crawler so I haven’t even seen this toys full potential but I read from other parents it is also a great walker when your little one is ready for that.

6. V-Tech playtime bus ($50) for a small bus, this toy is quite pricey however it’s amazing and worth every dollar. It’s very interactive for the babies growing up. It makes fun car noises like (honking, engine noise, the bus driver and the students talk etc) As our children get older this bus will be a very useful learning toy because not only does it sing rhymes, there are numbers and letters to learn from and even a challenge time where it will test the children, for example “can you find the number 3” and the child will have to press that #. Once they get it right, the bus will sound off encouragement and claps. Lastly the bus will go to different stops such as the park, school and the Zoo.

7. Fisher price Laugh and Learn Smart stages puppy ($13.29) a cute cuddly puppy who as you press each button teaches you the alphabet and different parts of the body such as foot, hand, tummy and ears. Again another simple toy which as the babies grow older they will start to learn and remember what they are hearing. The puppy also sing it’s own tunes based on what is pressed.

I hope that parents will find this toy review useful. I can tell you that my son has a fun time playing with all of the above and as he gets smarter he enjoys everything more… in no time he’ll be counting 1-10, and singing his ABC’s.

Christmas time is approaching so why not add a few of these to Santa’s wish list 😉 


1. I love my mom because I know what she smells like.
2. I love my mom because she feeds me.
3. I love my mom because she changes me.
4. Sorry mom, I know you just changed my diaper but I’ve just pooped a really big one.
5. I am going to pick things up and drop them every time you hand it to me.
6. (Unless lucky) I know you take care of me mom but I will most likely be saying “Da da” first.
7. You told me not to go there and touch that! I’m going there and definitely touching that.
8. I will put everything in my teeny tiny mouth because I can mom.
9. I know you’re trying to pull me away from an electric cord because you love me mom and dad but I’m going to cry in your face like you’re mean parents.
10. Thank you mom for making me a fresh bottle of formula but all I want is breastmilk.
11. I know you just fed me but I’m still hungry for whatever you’re having mom.
12. Mommy and Daddy think they are going to have a wonderful sleep, little do they know I’m about to cry for most hours of the night
13. I know you just put on your clothes but I’m about ruin it with spit up in 30 min.

I know this list will get longer and funnier so I’ll definitely have a part two in a few months.

What are some of your own baby logic thoughts? Feel free to let me know and you could be featured on the blog.


I some how find that the older we get, the faster life comes passing by. Like hello, I just said “It’s summer” & that’s followed by a quick “Happy New year!” Gee wiz… well truth is, time does speed up and that’s exactly how I felt once I braced myself that I was going to be a first time mom. Was I nervous? YES. Was I scared? YES. Had I thought I’d be anywhere near parenthood this soon? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Regardless of all the emotions I was going through in my head and literally in my body, it was just the time for me to enter into this chapter and may I say wow! Double wow!

Motherhood is such a gift, it’s almost hard to think that a little person is growing inside you kicking  and eating your left overs. A heart inside your stomach, beating. It’s so many things I could go on forever but the point of it all is that I’ve never been happier, I’ve also never been this exhausted but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It truly is an amazing experience and month by month I discover more and more about myself, about my son & about how I am raising a child and keeping a relationship burning and everything else in between.

As I blog different aspects of motherhood from a first timer point of view. I hope you find comfort in my words and read somethings you can relate to.