What’s the time Mr. Wolf? “Time to EAT”

Food is one of the most important things we can care about, especially when it’s time for feeding baby.

First and foremost, BREASTMILK is #1. If you believe in it of course, I don’t judge anyone because everyone has their own reasons as to why or why they don’t want to breast-feed. I believe in it & my son loves it so much I don’t even know how on earth I’m going to ween him off. It is a proper meal especially if you’re producing enough and my son was consistent with his breastmilk  up until he was 5-6 months old, then I started introducing other solid foods.

Every child is different and sometimes your baby might not even want your breast and that’s ok! What’s important is that they eat the right amount during their feeding time. Now for the new mom’s who breastfeed who are wondering how do we know our baby is getting enough milk? Well, I always fed him a formula bottle in between just to make sure because you really can’t know. Babies can’t talk so you have to really think for them, if you’re trying to drink water from a dripping tap, you’re gonna shelve it and get a bottle of water right, so you have to think about it that way.

If you’re a formula feeding mommy, that’s all great too. ALWAYS make sure you’re giving your child the right amount and what’s majorly important is to check on your child after drinking. Not every baby can drink the same formula! If you see any type of rash or face swelling, stop feeding your child that milk instantly. It’s nothing to debate, they can be allergic to something so rather than think it won’t happen again, NO! Stop that formula and try another one.

When it comes to introducing the solid foods again, every child is different. In the beginning I was a google mom meaning I wanted to know exactly when to feed & what, and how etc etc! Don’t be like me ladies… yes, you can research and read what other mommies are saying but don’t use that for your child word for word. Although babies can’t talk, if they don’t like it, they won’t eat it – simple. If they like it, they’ll open their mouths as fast as you’ve just inserted the last spoonful obviously asking for more please.

Ever since my son has started eating solids, he drinks breastmilk  less as in, mainly evening feeds however when he wants it, he can throw a baby fit so I gladly feed him how he likes. I think that you shouldn’t be afraid for your child to try new things because the sooner they like something then there’s a huge possibility they will enjoy it as they grow up. Giving your baby solid foods also gives you the opportunity to explore new dishes and find out hmmm what exactly does my child like. It’s actually fun and even more so when they enjoy that particular food because that’s a memory and if you’re lucky enough a snap shot to hold on to. I’m partially West African and we eat all types of food. I was nervous when Jaden’s grandma wanted to give him some of our local dishes. It turns out Jaden was in love with them to the point where I have to learn how to cook them for him on a regular. If google knew what I was giving him it would probably disagree with me but my baby loves it, it’s baby safe, portioned and he’s growing so well that I made the right choice.

The main thing about feeding our babies when it comes to solid food is making sure, it’s not too sweet or too much salt. We have to make sure they are not allergic to anything. We have to remember to feed on time as much as we might get busy & most importantly we have to stick to a healthy meal plan. HEALTH IS WEALTH! Don’t feed you child something you wouldn’t try yourself and don’t get them stuck on anything can harm them later in life. They might be small babies now but you don’t want to be dealing with any issues later because of simple and better choices you could have made. Other than that, let them eat away.
Here is a list Jaden’s snacks & meals. (In another blog I’ll be more specific with ingredients especially for his West African meals)

– Apple sauce
– Vegetable purée
– Cream and milk purée
– Spaghetti and meatballs
– Okra & fufu (Ghanaian/Nigerian)
– Okra/meat & Eba (Nigerian)
– Potatoes and boiled egg
– Chicken & vegetables
– Broccoli & cheese