Happy New Year !!!!

Happy New Year readers!

we made it to 2022, how great is God that we did. 2021 was A LOT! A very up and down year for me and especially at the end because I caught Covid 🙄 The most annoying thing ever, I hope I don’t go through that ever again, but it seems like this damn thing is in the air… So we just have to be careful. I actually have a blog about when I caught it, but that was created around December time. I’m not sure if I want to post it but if I do just know this was something I wrote last year.

Anyways, 2022. May it bring blessings for us all, and may we hear great news all year long! I felt like January was the longest month ever and now we are finally in February. I already have a lot on my plate as a mommy and as a and I am trying to really see what this year brings for me but whatever I have to do I will get through it.

I just want to remind everyone, don’t forget to write down things that you want to do for the year. It’s something that I do. I’m a very visual person, when I write something down it’s easier for me to see it in a list and it’s easier for me to get through it no matter how long it takes, that’s my trick.

I will try my very best to blog as much as possibly can. I feel like I have a lot to say about motherhood because there’s been such a shift with my children as they get older once again, and I definitely want to explore those topics with you so I look forward to the coming months and I’ll be sure to keep you posted and I think I mentioned it last year, but this year I promise, I will drop my mother affirmation book so please stay tune for that.