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And here we are yet again.

I’m back on the road !!! I left early March and now we are in April. Sigh* I miss my kids so much I don’t even want to think about it. Thank God for FaceTime, I don’t know how I would cope otherwise. Do you remember my blog about being a traveling + working mommy, this time has come again.

First of all, NO MISSING OF THE BIRTHDAY’S MOM GUILT 😮‍💨 you know how that ate me alive last time for almost a year. Before leaving for work this time, I threw my son an amazing birthday party which he loved. He was happy, his sister was happy, I was happy! Wins all around.

Being a contractor has so many advantages, it’s really the freedom I have to control my life which is why I love it, but… it still really sucks to be away from my children. I’m so sad 😞 but, I’m trying to put it to the side to keep pushing. Due to Covid a lot of work was pushed back last year so this this year, it’s a zig zag of work, back to back! It’s NEVER been like this and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. The days are going by but I’m still not sure if they are fast or not… I just can’t wait till I’m on my last contract in this last stretch of Q2, so I can be with my babies and continue to work on the other things I was doing.

I tell myself “hang in there.” I go this. I know I do but it’s also tough. Maybe it’s time for me to look for remote work so I can stay home more and take less contracts! I’m really going to look into this, sigh* I need to. I pray God shows me the way to go.

Anyways, my daughters birthday is coming up next and I WILL NOT MISS THAT EITHER! So I’m happy about that and I know the sweet little girl will be too. She keeps asking her nana “is mommy going to make my birthday.” Ugh! I won’t miss it for anything….

Wish me good luck y’all! I’m trying not to crack. I’m almost there and then I can take a nice long break.

I always wonder how my father did this, 🧐 but, I guess when it’s for your family, there’s bo choice but to go above and beyond.

“I need a break. We need to put him in school!”

That time has come. Faster than I ever thought it would. Day care. It needed to happen, as I mentioned last week Papa bear and I are dealing with the  troublesome two stage, I needed the break. It took some time because I wanted our son to start before two and he said “NO, let’s wait till after two” but I just couldn’t wait any longer! Of course I love my little man around me but sometimes space is necessary. I needed time to rest (for good reasons) time to catch up on house chores and even clean his toy area properly. Different things. You’ll be surprised how much you can get down with your little one away. Even if I wasn’t resting, I could just enjoy some Mommy time and I have no regrets 🙂

I think as a first time Mom, I did well putting my son in school – it was sad hearing him cry every time I’d leave but it’s temporary time and temporary tears. I like the teachers in the school and I’d observed them when I visit and get to know them so I’m fully aware who is teaching him. The only concern I have is feeding times. I know my son is a picky eater and even though the amount is written down of what and how much he ate, as a parent you really never know that’s why I pack him a  few of his favorite things on the side just incase. It makes me feel at ease.

I enjoy the fact that he’s made new friends and can learn how to interact with others even more than before & learn at a different pace. I’ve done well teaching him in the meantime and learning never stops in our household but it’s great to know he’s learning in two places and from others as well.

The downside of day care is IT’S so expensive oh my gosh! I never knew. Parents don’t talk about this. You have to do your research and find out which school will fit you best and when you do, be prepared for some crazy fees – it’s quite annoying seeing as some of the kids are so small and it takes such a huge chunk out of your finances week after week or bi-weekly or monthly if you choose. In this situation you really can’t have your cake and eat it too because if you don’t  want to pay well – your kiddie stays at home 😩  sorry !!




Routine, routine

On a previous post of mine “Am I still pretty?” I talked about how it takes time to getting back to where you once were. I didn’t go into the specifics but I feel it’s worth sharing some of the things I do and some of the items I use.

To start off, Ive always had quite dry skin. Super annoying because I always have to keep it moist with lotion. I tend to use a Switzerland brand called “Excipial” it’s very thick and lasts all day long. The Equivalent of this lotion would be Nivea’s body lotion for dry skin. Even when I was pregnant I made sure I had one of these creams by my side because I knew how the body was going to change and stretch and I also wanted to avoid severe stretch marks. A lot of women use cocoa butter which also works but it’s very important to make sure it’s applied every single day and not just on the belly, but on your whole body.

As I’ve mentioned before unfortunately that glowing skin does not last, however you can still have people say “Wow, you’re glowing” with three magical products: vitamin A oil, my most favorite Rose water & Collagen pills.

The Vitamin A I have came from my favorite website where I seem to find everything I need, by Seeking Health. It is a liquid form that comes in a tiny bottle. I use this every single day, twice a day. The secret with Vitamin A is that it rejuvenates the face, helps with acne & I believe it works from the outside in. It’s a simple application and you can even apply it after you cream your face.

Rose water is the absolute best. Firstly it smells heavenly. This is also something I apply twice a day (morning and evening) although I’ve definitely caught myself spraying it more often than I should. Rose water has worked fairly quick on my face. The benefits are it tones out your skin, balances out your PH, soothes and nourishes with every spray. It’s a sticky free mist and it’s given me the perfect glow i’m always looking for. I honestly wish I discovered it sooner… I even think one day I’ll plant a rose and use it’s water to see what happens lol currently I’ve tried rose water from “Leven Rose” & from Morocco.

I know not everyone is fan of swallowing pills especially one regarding your skin care, but ladies these pills actually work! More specifically, I use Collagen pills. They are like miracle workers in the body, the downside is that it takes about one month before you really start seeing results but to me it’s worth the wait & you have to take 6 pills which is a lot, three in the morning without a meal and three at night before bed.

I actually took collagen before I was pregnant, it worked then and works now. I don’t recommend taking them while pregnant but afterwards, no problem. It doesn’t effect your breastmilk either so that’s a double plus. Some of the great benefits you get from Collagen are: healthy skin, healthy nails, stronger hair and apparently it also helps with your joints ( or so says the packaging. My joints are well and dandy at the moment so I can’t confirm anything with that) Collagen is good because each pill releases all of the natural elements that the body needs but again, they work, work, work so give it a try one of these months or two.

The Workout.

Once I finally got myself to the gym, which was the best decision I made because I love the energy I get in the mornings. I decided to go 5 days a week. A quick run down of things I do are…

– Cardio workout (treadmill, cycling, field work out)
– Weights (Always start light and work your way up) I work on my abs/booty/legs/upper body
– Taebo class (A great combo of Cardio and abs training)
– Spinning class (personally a work out from hell) but the sweat is great and you’re really doing the heart a great favor and your legs
– Stretching (so Important for before and after) I even find stretching stressful sometimes because I’m not too flexible but over a period of time I have gotten better.

Working out is not only beneficial for our health but it gives us power throughout the day. Much needed energy when you have a child. Once you get to that point of being ready to dedicate your time to fitness you’ll start enjoying it so much and you’ll get in great shape especially after having a child. What’s important mom’s is that you go at it on your own time and pace. Don’t compare yourself, just stay focused & don’t forget to drink plenty of water and have a good nutritional diet.

Now that you know my “what I do & what I use,” I’d love to get an insight of your own routines. Sharing is caring so let me know.


1. I love my mom because I know what she smells like.
2. I love my mom because she feeds me.
3. I love my mom because she changes me.
4. Sorry mom, I know you just changed my diaper but I’ve just pooped a really big one.
5. I am going to pick things up and drop them every time you hand it to me.
6. (Unless lucky) I know you take care of me mom but I will most likely be saying “Da da” first.
7. You told me not to go there and touch that! I’m going there and definitely touching that.
8. I will put everything in my teeny tiny mouth because I can mom.
9. I know you’re trying to pull me away from an electric cord because you love me mom and dad but I’m going to cry in your face like you’re mean parents.
10. Thank you mom for making me a fresh bottle of formula but all I want is breastmilk.
11. I know you just fed me but I’m still hungry for whatever you’re having mom.
12. Mommy and Daddy think they are going to have a wonderful sleep, little do they know I’m about to cry for most hours of the night
13. I know you just put on your clothes but I’m about ruin it with spit up in 30 min.

I know this list will get longer and funnier so I’ll definitely have a part two in a few months.

What are some of your own baby logic thoughts? Feel free to let me know and you could be featured on the blog.

Oh when the FIRSTS keep marching in…

There’s nothing like your baby’s first. It’s a feeling of joy and excitement and disbelief. It can also be a feeling of anxiousness and sadness. Every child is different.  They all grow at their own pace, they all explore differently and even though they all go through the same things every single mother has a different story to tell.

In my own experience, my son is quick learner. He’s been widely observant since he was born (something I kept hearing repeatedly from family and strangers) That being said here are some of Jaden’s firsts that have already occurred… The good, The bad, The ugly and how I felt about it as a new mommy. 


The good.

– The first time he smiled.Heart melting! yes baby boy it’s mommy and I am not just a dream that you heard from my womb, I am real lol
– The first time he started scooting. With a big smile on my face I’d be saying “Go Jaden, Go Jaden” with clapping to follow. I remember it like yesterday on his colorful word carpet. SIDE NOTE : always encourage your baby. The more they feel you’re rooting for them the more they become confident to keep on trying whatever their new discovery of themselves is.
– This first time he crawled. I think I literally screamed at this point with my eyes wide open again having me shout “Yes, Go, go. You can do it.” He went from scooting on the belly, to one day waking up to himself saying no more belly, knees. I was on the phone with my sister who also witness his brave wobbly self as he was moving step by step and releasing a baby scream. Definitely an exciting evening it was.
– The first time he started eating real food. I was torn with this one because I have been a breast feeder since the start so I felt detachment but little did I know my boobs definitely come in first place with my little man which makes me always think how on earth am I going to ween him off (Another discussion for another day) I believe I made him start with Apple sauce. smooth, sweet and delicious. It wasn’t long until he moved from fruit to veggies and from veggies to wheat & meat. He just loves eating everything for the most part and he must always have what I am having, always. Eating habits are very important from the start because it will literally shape what they eat in the future so keep at mom’s. (This also will be a more in depth topic later)
– The first time he said “Da Da” – not only did I get over hyped about that… once again I was with my sister who witness the brilliance. Despite my own personal emotion I couldn’t help but think my baby is growing too fast. I decided to show Jaden a picture of his daddy and all he kept on doing was laughing and smiling out of nowhere he said “Da da da da” I believe my sister even screamed which startled him and he cried. Oh the memories.
– The first time he started clapping. What got me about this is the fact that he has already started mimicking me and others around him. Like all children it all starts with the popular tune “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” who knows if it’s the clapping motions or the catchy song itself but that is another first which has turned into an every day thing.
– The first time he started waving. How?! What do you know about saying hello and bye bye at your small age???? I’m very proud and of course it makes me frown when I leave the room and he cries because he’s not sure if I’m coming back but on the good days when you say “Bye Bye” his little baby wrist goes up and down as he gazes in your eyes with a smile.

The bad.

– The first time I caught him climbing on a table. I didn’t like that one bit because I knew that was going to be the start of “Curious George” & Mr. Curious has you saying “NO. NO. NO” more often than you’d like. Sorry mommies, I’ve learned that somehow it’s just designed this way *shrug*
– TEETHING. Currently my son has two teeth and two quarter teeth at the top. I just love his feature development however the process of getting those teeth makes you want to cry yourself. I am so thankful teething gel and powder exist but there is nothing worse than a non stop crying child at 2am. The crying can be so bad you can even forget what it could be and you start panicking. This happened to papa bear and I. Jaden would cry and scream and kick and shout but there was no fever. We just agreed off to the children’s hospital we go where we can be assisted by professionals. After the crying would calm down and hours of waiting all the doctor said was “He’s teething” I won’t even go into detail about how silly we both felt but instead of talking about it we both would smile at the doctor with our sleepy eyes and said “thank you” and headed back home. ATTENTION MOMMIES : before doctors, make a list of EVERYTHING it could be and try not to be forgetful, it can save a lot of time which I found out the hard way.
– The first time I got slapped in the face because babies think it’s so darn funny but have no idea how painful it is. Now I’ve heard from veteran moms that this is normal behavior but to me, It’s best to stop that right then and there so I tend to say “No hitting Jaden, that’s a no no” he always laughs but eventually he’ll get the message I’ll just have to hang in there a little while longer.

The ugly.

– The first time he got his shots. I think every child handles it differently but my poor Jaden handled it miserably. He was hit with three shots his first time. The cry was so shaky it was like he was telling me “why did you let them do that to me mommy” It was hard for me to deal with and all I could do was console him unfortunately it got worse a few hours later. He ran an extremely high fever and his face was so red. I remember catching a glimpse of his face through the mirror while he was on my shoulder and I burst out in tears myself. I was telling myself “be strong for him” but I just couldn’t bare it and once again this landed me in the children’s hospital where they had to give an IV drip which meant another needle. Thankfully they managed to calm him down and he slept off. It was an extremely tough day I’ll never forget.
– The first fall. Yes, my precious baby has fallen off the bed. I don’t even know how I could let that happen but it happens new moms. I never even sleep that deep but while I was breastfeeding on the edge of the bed somehow we both fell back asleep and next thing I hear BOOM and cry! I woke up so fast. I felt so guilty. My sisters had to console me in the morning & I had to read at least 10 mommy discussions of other mothers having their children fall off the bed or couch to feel better about myself. Luckily Jaden forgave me. It’s the scariest thing but as Jaden’s grandma says : he’s been blessed by a hard surface. So I just took that and ran with it.
– The first time he got burnt. Fast baby, Curious George in the kitchen, hot milk on the counter. It all happen so fast. Just incase you’re wondering my little guy is perfectly well but this was by far the scariest first and God willing the last. He somehow discovered he could reach the very top of the counter by standing on his toes… The milk was close to his finger tips and as I rushed to him the milk poured on my fingers. I didn’t even feel the burn until afterwards because I was so fast in moving him. I Literally threw him under the sink with cold water making sure he was all right and he was and he didn’t even cry that long but… I wasn’t fast enough because the next day I saw he had a milk burn on his right arm. I know terrible things like this can happen and I am just thankful it wasn’t worse. I used Aloe Vera to heal the mark and I must say it was super effective. I’ll definitely have to be more carful next time because it just takes a split second for accidents to happen.

There you have it. The good, The bad and The ugly. First steps are always Important milestones to new mothers and fathers and everyone who is involved in your child’s life. We mommies will go through different firsts at different times and we will have different emotions too. What’s important is that we keep enjoying the journey of our children as they grow older and wiser and superior.


I some how find that the older we get, the faster life comes passing by. Like hello, I just said “It’s summer” & that’s followed by a quick “Happy New year!” Gee wiz… well truth is, time does speed up and that’s exactly how I felt once I braced myself that I was going to be a first time mom. Was I nervous? YES. Was I scared? YES. Had I thought I’d be anywhere near parenthood this soon? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Regardless of all the emotions I was going through in my head and literally in my body, it was just the time for me to enter into this chapter and may I say wow! Double wow!

Motherhood is such a gift, it’s almost hard to think that a little person is growing inside you kicking  and eating your left overs. A heart inside your stomach, beating. It’s so many things I could go on forever but the point of it all is that I’ve never been happier, I’ve also never been this exhausted but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It truly is an amazing experience and month by month I discover more and more about myself, about my son & about how I am raising a child and keeping a relationship burning and everything else in between.

As I blog different aspects of motherhood from a first timer point of view. I hope you find comfort in my words and read somethings you can relate to.