Routine, routine

On a previous post of mine “Am I still pretty?” I talked about how it takes time to getting back to where you once were. I didn’t go into the specifics but I feel it’s worth sharing some of the things I do and some of the items I use.

To start off, Ive always had quite dry skin. Super annoying because I always have to keep it moist with lotion. I tend to use a Switzerland brand called “Excipial” it’s very thick and lasts all day long. The Equivalent of this lotion would be Nivea’s body lotion for dry skin. Even when I was pregnant I made sure I had one of these creams by my side because I knew how the body was going to change and stretch and I also wanted to avoid severe stretch marks. A lot of women use cocoa butter which also works but it’s very important to make sure it’s applied every single day and not just on the belly, but on your whole body.

As I’ve mentioned before unfortunately that glowing skin does not last, however you can still have people say “Wow, you’re glowing” with three magical products: vitamin A oil, my most favorite Rose water & Collagen pills.

The Vitamin A I have came from my favorite website where I seem to find everything I need, by Seeking Health. It is a liquid form that comes in a tiny bottle. I use this every single day, twice a day. The secret with Vitamin A is that it rejuvenates the face, helps with acne & I believe it works from the outside in. It’s a simple application and you can even apply it after you cream your face.

Rose water is the absolute best. Firstly it smells heavenly. This is also something I apply twice a day (morning and evening) although I’ve definitely caught myself spraying it more often than I should. Rose water has worked fairly quick on my face. The benefits are it tones out your skin, balances out your PH, soothes and nourishes with every spray. It’s a sticky free mist and it’s given me the perfect glow i’m always looking for. I honestly wish I discovered it sooner… I even think one day I’ll plant a rose and use it’s water to see what happens lol currently I’ve tried rose water from “Leven Rose” & from Morocco.

I know not everyone is fan of swallowing pills especially one regarding your skin care, but ladies these pills actually work! More specifically, I use Collagen pills. They are like miracle workers in the body, the downside is that it takes about one month before you really start seeing results but to me it’s worth the wait & you have to take 6 pills which is a lot, three in the morning without a meal and three at night before bed.

I actually took collagen before I was pregnant, it worked then and works now. I don’t recommend taking them while pregnant but afterwards, no problem. It doesn’t effect your breastmilk either so that’s a double plus. Some of the great benefits you get from Collagen are: healthy skin, healthy nails, stronger hair and apparently it also helps with your joints ( or so says the packaging. My joints are well and dandy at the moment so I can’t confirm anything with that) Collagen is good because each pill releases all of the natural elements that the body needs but again, they work, work, work so give it a try one of these months or two.

The Workout.

Once I finally got myself to the gym, which was the best decision I made because I love the energy I get in the mornings. I decided to go 5 days a week. A quick run down of things I do are…

– Cardio workout (treadmill, cycling, field work out)
– Weights (Always start light and work your way up) I work on my abs/booty/legs/upper body
– Taebo class (A great combo of Cardio and abs training)
– Spinning class (personally a work out from hell) but the sweat is great and you’re really doing the heart a great favor and your legs
– Stretching (so Important for before and after) I even find stretching stressful sometimes because I’m not too flexible but over a period of time I have gotten better.

Working out is not only beneficial for our health but it gives us power throughout the day. Much needed energy when you have a child. Once you get to that point of being ready to dedicate your time to fitness you’ll start enjoying it so much and you’ll get in great shape especially after having a child. What’s important mom’s is that you go at it on your own time and pace. Don’t compare yourself, just stay focused & don’t forget to drink plenty of water and have a good nutritional diet.

Now that you know my “what I do & what I use,” I’d love to get an insight of your own routines. Sharing is caring so let me know.